As of November, 2007

Compiled through the efforts of Stuart Johnston, Wilson Cady, Ken Knittle and Bob Hansen. Please submit any additional observation data to Bob Hansen .

Accidental bird sightings are those birds with less than 5 recorded sightings. A recorded sighting is considered to be single bird or group of birds, so that if a single bird is seen by multiple parties on the same day, or same period, it is considered one sighting.

  Date       Location       Observer(s)               Remarks

Red-throated Loon
1)1/4/99   Bingen Marina  Diane Gadway       Confirmed later that day
                                             by Stuart Johnston
2)1/10/02  White Salmon   Ken Knittle           One found at mouth of river on Skamania side, then swam
                                                                    upstream to Klickitat side.

Red-necked Grebe

1) 2/23/98               Stuart Johnston 

2) 8/28/98               Stuart Johnston

3)12/16/02 above   Miko and Zed Ruhlen     Four seen, as part of Lyle Christmas Bird Count
 The Dalles Dam     and Dan Sager             previously seen this winter by Stuart Johnston

4) 9/14/06  Klickitat      Stuart Johnston  Fall NAMC count week scouting trip
          River Mouth        Bob Hansen 

Clark's Grebe

1)5/13/00 Columbia R.    Patrick Sullivan   Benton-Klickitat County line along
                                            SR 14. On Spring NAMC 

2)11/20/03 Bingen       Stuart Johnston
         River front    Bernie Krager
                        Tom Herzig
                        Bob McKenzie 

Green Heron

1)5/31/95  Conboy NWR    Joe Engler          One  See WOS News, 40, p.8

2)11/26/96 Bingen Pond   Stuart Johnston                     

3)1/1/97  Bingen Marina  Stuart Johnston     Probably same bird seen on 11/26/96 

4)5/13/00 Little Klick-  Dan Lichtenwald     On Spring NAMC. Cottonwood tree on north 
          tat River,                                        bank of Little Klickitat River, 100 m
          east of Pipe-                                   east of Pipeline Road bridge, within the
          line Road                                        city limits of Goldendale.   
5)Spring '01 Bingen Marina Stuart Johnston et al . Two were seen at Bingen Marina on Washington
                                                              Ornithological Society annual conference field trip lead by
                                                              Wilson Cady, 6/16/01. Three were seen regularly in July
                                                               and August, 2001.

6)9.19.02 Bingen Pond  Stuart Johnston,            One
                        Diane Gadway, 
                        Dan Lichtenwald and others

Great Egret

1) 1995   Trout Lake     Cathy Flick         One    
                          Orin Pearson

2)4/20/97 Dallesport     Wilson Cady         One in small pond, south of gas 
                                             station across from Spearfish Lake 

3)9/20/99 Goldendale     Dan Lichtenwald     One seen from kitchen widow, flying 
                                             west to east over the Little Klickitat  
                                             River riparian area. 

4)5/5/99  Bingen Pond    Wilson Cady         One on the North American Migration 

5)6/4/00 Alderdale       Kathy Patterson     Seen from Alderdale Sewage Treat Ponds
                         Stuart Johnston     flying southeast above Alder Creek. 
                         Bob Hansen
6)8/11/01 Bingen Pond    Diane Gadway        Five observed. Four observed
                                                     later in week.

White-faced Ibis

10/1/01 Bingen Pond Stuart Johnston          First winter, juvenile, assumed 
                                             White-faced by range.  Also observed October 2,3 and 4 by Stuart Johnston
                                             and October 18 by Diane Gadway, Bob McKenzie, and 
                                             Stuart Johnston, and October 22 by Wilson Cady. 
California Condor

1)October near Lyle      Lewis and Clark    First sightings of vulture larger than eagle,
 29, 1805 on Columbia    Expedition         becoming more prevalent near Beacon Rock. 
                                            Specimens taken near Astoria with 
                                            extensive descriptions and
                                            a sketch of the Head of a Vulture by Clark. 

Trumpeter Swan

1)11/30/06 Chamberlan    Bob Hansen         Two, with robust, all black bill. Bill similiar to Shoveler bill. No apparent curvature. 
             Lake                           Eye-bill juncture wider ( almost extension of eye) rather than a point. Body very white. 

Snow Goose

1)        Trout Lake    Orin Pearson 

2)        Conboy NWR    Harold Cole 

3)10/28/00 Maryhill     Robert Flores             One 

4) 9.21.02 Columbia     Alan Richards       One with flock of Canada Geese, NAMC          
             River      Ann Musche

Ross's Goose

1)3/26/98 Conboy NWR    Stuart Johnston      Seen earlier by Stacie Baker

Cackling Goose

1)4/06/05 Conboy NWR   Joe Engler       One

Black Brant

1)9/25/05 Klickitat River   Stuart Johnston   Adult seen with 17 Canada geese "grazing" on aquatic weed at water
 4:45 pm     Mouth               surface. Also seen by Paul Moyer and Janet  Essley the next morning at 09:00.
American Black Duck

1)12/9/99 Bingen Pond   Stuart Johnston,     Thought to be same bird seen  
                        Diane Gadway         for past two (?) years at  
                                             The Hook at Hood River,      

Tufted Duck (Thought to be the same bird, seen over 6 year period, 1995 to 2001)

These images taken on February 18th, 2001, at the Point of Bingen Marina by Bob Hansen 
Side view with tuft and front view.

1)11/4/95- Columbia River Stuart Johnston
  11/10/95  at Bingen 
8:12 PM 10/2/20062)11/6/96- same location  Stuart Johnston    
 11/8/96                 Wilson Cady 
3)1/31/98- same location  Stuart Johnston                     
  3/10/98                 Wilson Cady

4) 11/7/98 same location  Bob Hansen  
  11/15/98                Wilson Cady

5) 3/20/98 same location  Wilson Cady
   3/21/99 Locke Lake     

Harlequin Duck

1)5/9/98  White Salmon    Franklin Petersen  At Northwestern Lake park, Seen from 
           River                             from Northwestern Lake Road bridge 
                                             the following day by Bob Hansen

2)5/99    White Salmon    Cathy Flick        Same location as above, both sightings
           River                             in conjunction with Spring NAMC.

3)5/12/07 Klickitat River  Richard Schnider  Near old Champion Mill between Greyback Mt. and Leidl Campgrounds. Stunning, 
                                             single male sunning himself on rock. In conjunction with Spring NAMC. Richard, a 
                                           river guide reports seeing them on the river on an annual basis over the last 20 years.

4)7/21/07 White Salmon   Richard Schnider   Half way between B-Z Corner and Husum. Hen and four ducklings.

Long-tailed Duck

11/6/03 Bingen Stuart Johnston          Female plummage (transitioning).
       River front

Surf Scoter

1) 10.05.02 Lyle Point  Stuart Johnston   6 flying east to west, staying close to Washington
                                          shore with female and/or juvenile plumage

2) 10.28.06 Bingen     Stuart Johnston    1 immature or female with small flock of scaup in Columbia River
            marina                        out from fruit boxes      

White-winged Scoter

1)10/19/99 Maryhill       Adam Carter,       Single, female-plumaged
           State Park     Stuart Johnston,         
                          Jim Minick and  

2)12/19/1999 Lyle Point   Bob Hansen      Two males and one female, part of
                           Christine Vadaii       Lyle Christmas Bird Count

Red-shouldered Hawk

1)9/16/00 Bridge over    Joe Engler          Click here for description
    White Salmon River                       Part of Fall 2000 NAMC 
   on BZ-Glenwood Road

2)9/12/01 Bird Creek     Joe Engler         Click here for description
     BZ-Glenwood Highway

3) 9/02  Conboy Lake   Joe Engler   

4) 9/03  Conboy Lake   Joe Engler 


Mountain Quail

1)late 70's Lyle          Bill Tweit
early 80's  Campground

Northern Bobwhite

1)7/27/98   Loop Road,    Paul Moyer         Flew from property at 868 Loop 
            White Salmon                     Road.

2)9/19/98   Fisher Hill   Bob Hansen         Two probable escapees from adjacent  
            Road          Carol Ledford      hunting club. Part of 1998 Fall NAMC.
3)7/21/07   Trout Lake    Jim White          Heard calling for one half hour in morning.


Black-bellied Plover                                
1) 8/1/99   Klickitat     Stuart Johnston    1 adult plumage on east side mudflat 
            River mouth 

2) 3/8/02 Conboy Lake  Stuart Johnston  1 nonbreeding bird 75 meters east of Laurel 
                NWR           Bob McKenzie     Road 1.3 miles north of BZ-Glenwood Road
                                              intersection. Reobserved by Lauren Braden,  Melissa Keigley,
                                         and Bob Hansen on 3/10/02. 
                                        Photographs by Bob Hansen include side, oblique, back and front.
Lesser Yellowlegs

1) 6/12/96  Bingen Pond    Wilson Cady

2) 8/11/98  Tidyman Rd    Stuart Johnston     Also seen on 8/15/98, and seen by
            wetlands                          Wilson Cady on 8/16/98 

3) 5/11/02 Conboy Lake  Randy Robinson  Spring 2002 NAMC, two at pond near intersection of
                  NWR                                     Grubb (Hansen) and Lake Roads. Observed earlier in week
                                                                by Stuart Johnston. 

Semipalmated Plover
1) 12/2/95                Stuart Johnston

2) 5/9/98  Glenwood Pond  Stuart Johnston     Part of a Spring NAMC confirmed 
                                              the following week by Franklin   
                                              Petersen, Bob Hansen, and members  
                                              Salem Audubon Society birdathon group 

3) 7/12/98 Tidyman        Stuart Johnston

4)5/11/02 Conboy Lake   Randy Robinson    Spring 2002 NAMC, three at Hansen/Lake Road
                 NWR                                        Pond
5)8/06/03 Klickitat River  Stuart Johnston     Single, hatch-year bird
           mouth           Bob Hansen


1)5/8/99 Bingen Pond     Wilson Cady          One

2) 7/30/99 Klickitat     Stuart Johnston     One
           River mouth
3) 9/25/99               Stuart Johnston     One   

Upland Sandpiper

1) 5/12/01  near Pipeline    Dan Lichtenwald       Part of Spring NAMC, near Little Klickitat River 
              Road Bridge                                     in Goldendale, WA, approximately 150 m west of
                                                                    the Pipeline Road bridge. Detailed description

Semipalmated Sandpiper

1) Fall   Tidyman           Stuart Johnston     Audubon field trip  

2) 9/16/00 Alderdale    Stuart Johnston     Fall Migration Count
        waste water ponds

3) 8/06/03 Klickitat R.   Stuart Johnston     Single, hatch year bird, with two Least and 4 Western 
           mouth          Bob Hansen         Sandpipers

Baird's Sandpiper

1)8/11/98 Tidyman         Stuart Johnston     One

2)8/15/98 Tidyman         Stuart Johnston     Two, one also seen on 8/16/98 by  
          wetlands                            Wilson Cady 

3)8/31/99 Tidyman         Stuart Johnston      ?

4) 99    mouth of         Bob Hansen,         One
         Klickitat River, Anne Musche
         west side        Alan Richards

Pectorial Sandpiper

1)9/11/98 Tidyman         Diane Gadway        Observed 9/15/98 by Stuart Johnston

Short-billed Dowitcher

1)7/13/97 Tidyman         Wilson Cady
2)8/31/98                 Stuart Johnston

3)5/9/99  Tidyman         Bob Hansen,         The day after the Spring 1999 NAMC
          wetlands        Alan Richards                                         
                          Randy Robinson   

4)5/11/02 Conboy Lake  Randy Robinson   Spring 2002 NAMC, five at Hansen/Lake Road
                 NWR                                      Pond

Red-necked Phalarope         

1)5/26/98                 Stuart Johnston     One pair 

Parasitic Jaeger

1)8.02.04 Klickitat    Stuart Johnston  One intermediate morph adult loafing on e. side of river
        River mouth                               mouth on sand island

Heermann's Gull

1)10/15/95 Roosevelt      Linda Gilbert       One first year bird, see NAS Field 
                                              Notes, Vol. 50, No. 1, Spring, '96 

2)11/14/06 Klickitat    Stuart Johnston      One adult in nonbreeding plummage seen with a mixed group of 51 other 
          River mouth      Bob Hansen        gulls on sand bar, from 1:10 until 2:30 pm lift off and flight  
                                             down Columbia River. Bob Hansen photo 
Thayer's Gull

1) 5/13/00 Klickat River  Bob Hansen          Part of Spring NAMC. 
           mouth sandbar  Kathy Patterson
                          Barbara Robinson
2) 11/29/00 John Day Dam  Wilson Cady

3) 11/18/01 Klickitat     Wilson Cady
           River mouth  

4) 10/04/05 Klickitat     Stuart Johnston   One hatch year bird, believed to have also been seen on October 21 and 28
           River mouth 

Glaucous Gull

1) 12/28/00 Bingen Marina Stuart Johnston     Observed on Thursday Bingen Pond bird walk.
                          Dianne Gadway       Feed bagels from Loafers while 
                          Bob McKenzie        photographed by Dan Lichtenwald
                          Dan Lichtenwald
2)11/18/01 Columbia River Wilson Cady  Milepost 145 on SR 14

3)11/26/03 White Salmon  Stuart Johnston Hatch year plumage. First observed 
            River mouth                  at Hood River mouth, then flew to 
                                         Washington side of Columbia River, 
                                         last seen flying northwest.
Sabine's Gull

1)9.00            Klickitat    Stuart Johnston    1 seen, later observed by Bob Hansen and Ann Truax 
              River mouth                        on Fall NAMC

2) 9.16.00            Patrick Sullivan            2 seen on Fall NAMC
                           Ruth Sullivan 

3) 9.20.03 Klickitat Jan Bragg             Two juvenile plummage birds seen on Fall NAMC
          River  mouth Bob Hansen
Black-legged Kittiwake

1) 11/26/95 Columbia      Bob O'Brien         Near the John Day Dam, on the rare 
            River                             bird alert . Also seen by Wilson Cady on same day.

Common Tern

1) 9/14/99                Stuart Johnston     Two

2) 5/13/00                Stuart Johnston

3) 9/25/03 Klickitat  Bob Hansen, Stuart Johnston,    A single bird
         River mouth   Tom Herzig, Diane Gadway

Ancient Murrelet

1) 8.20.02 Columbia River  Stuart Johnston  Juvenile plumage
      east of Lyle Point   Bob Hansen

Eurasian Collared-Dove

1)3.08.06 Goldendale   Dan Lichtenwald      One seen foraging/exploring the center of a Goldendale lane. 
at 10:30                                              Later flew to tree and did not return.    

2)8.21.06  Goldendale  Dan Lichtenwald            13 observed at grain storage facility grounds     
at 5:10 pm               Bob Hansen 

3)9.13.06 Goldendale  Dan Lichtenwald
at 5:00 pm        Bob Hansen and Stuart Johnston   13 at same location as above   

4)9.16.06 Goldendale  Nancy and Greg Wallwork   Fall 2006 NAMC

Snowy Owl

1)1934-44  Trout Lake    Orin Pearson's

Northern Hawk Owl        Bill and Nancy       Seen O.5 miles west of Box Springs Road, mid-
                         LaFramboise          partially burned ponderosa pine adjacent to the to
1)2/2/01 near Bickleton  Richland, WA         Goldendale-Bickleton Highway.  The bird was very 
                      alert.  It continuously scanned the area from its 
                                              perches.  It flew 3 times from tree top to tree top 
                                              during the ~45 mins it was observed. It was not shy.
                                              It allowed close approach for photos without getting 
                                              alarmed.  See attached images by Bill LaFramboise.
                                              Side, Flight, Back

White-throated Swift 

1)4/9/99 near mouth of   Stuart Johnston      Four
         Hartley Canyon 

2)5/14/00 east of Horse- Stuart Johnston
          theif Butte

3)6/16/01 cliffs east of Horse-thief Butte   Four seen as part of WOS Annual Conference Field Trip

4)5/10/02 cliffs south   Jan Bragg              Heard in April by Stuart Johnston. Seen later by Bob Hansen
          of McConiga  Tracee Geermaert

5)5/7/03 cliffs east of Horse-thief Butte    Four seen by Bob Hansen and Stuart Johnston

Least Flycatcher             

1)6/19/96  Trout Lake    Wilson Cady          One along the creek trail at Elk Meadows 
2)7/10/99  Conboy Lake NWR Stuart Johnston  One singing in the cottonwoods at the information kiosk parking lot along 
                                          the w. side of BZ Corner-Glenwood Rd. in Conboy Lake NWR...shortly after the 
                                          several Audubon members departed from the Jebe Swale field trip I led, a 
                                          little further s. along Fisher Hill Rd.

3)6/20/03  Grayback Mtn  Stuart Johnston   One seen and heard for prolonged period in open pine/oak woodland.
                         Bob Hansen              open pine/oak woodland
                         Dan Lichtenwald                                     

4)6/12/05 Conboy Lake NWR Kevin Glueckert One singing in the aspen grove and horse paddock closeby the Willard Spring
                                      Trailhead. The Least was found singing in the same grove again a week later on 19 June by Kevin.

5)6/07/07 Conboy Lake NWR Joe Engler     Heard and observed in the aspen stand just north of the entrance
                                      to the parking lot loop, at headquarters. It was first heard at 7:30 
                                      and stillcalling at 1100.

Hutton's Vireo

1)9/19/98  Conboy NWR    Molly Hukari         Part of Fall NAMC

2)5/12/00  Trout Lake    Patrick Sullivan

3)5/19/00 Trout Lake     Orin Pearson         Where Lake Road enters forest and abuts
                         Tom Herzig           southeast portion of Trout Lake. Heard only.
                         Bob Hansen
4) 5/9/03  Trout Lake  Stuart Johnston        Two seen on north side of marsh, 100 meters from State
                         Bob Hansen             Forest. Later observed by Cathy Flick and others.
                         Deborah Shepard   

5)9.14.06               Stuart Johnston  

Blue Jay

1)10/26/00 White Salmon Catherine J. Flick    First seen at corner of NW Lincoln and Garfield 
                                              Avenues. Photos of left side and front and back 
                                              taken 11/21/00 by Stewart Fletcher at bird bath in 
                                              backyard at 230 NW Garfield Ave.      
                                              Observed 11/12/00 by Stuart Johnston and Bob
                                              Hansen at 352 NW Lincoln Avenue feeder.

                                              Last observed April, 2001.

Pinyon Jay

1) 4/22/67 Goldendale    R. Thompson          The second state record. 

Purple Martin

1) 1999   Bingen Pond   Stuart Johnston

2) May, 2000  Mouth of White Salmon  Patrick Sullivan  Spring, NAMC

3) Summer, 2001 Bingen Pond,  Stuart Johnston,           Three pair, including successful breeding pair
                                               Diane Gadway and 
                                               many others   

4)Summer, 2002 Columbia River  Various                  Various locations
                        at Bingen Pond

5)Summer, 2003 Columbia River at Bingen Pond  Bob McKenzie and others on pylons

Gray Catbird

1)6/16/96 Trout Lake     Wilson Cady          Two at the start of the creek trail   
                                                                 at Elk Meadows 
2)8/28/98               Stuart Johnston 

3) 6/01 Trout Lake      Wilson Cady            3 pair at 3 distinct locations
                        C.J. Flick
                        Kevin Gleukert

4) 6/16/02 Trout Lake  Stuart Johnston       single bird hear and seen on north side 
                       Bob Hansen            Trout Lake marsh

5) 6/03      Trout Lake Stuart Johnston       One heard and seen.
                       Bob Hansen

Northern Mockingbird

1)        Oakridge Rd    Bonnie  White       Observed one summer between 1995 and 1999 at Oak 
                         Dennis White        Ridge Organic Orchards
2)6/4/00  Stegeman Road  Stuart Johnston     Witnessed later in the day by Kathy Patterson, 
                                             Bob Hansen and Stuart Johnston. 1.1 miles west of
                                             Stegeman Road intersection, in dry riparian area. 

3)6/2/01 Sandridge Road  Wilson Cady  Also seen 6/11/01

Bohemian Waxwing

1)1934-44 Trout Lake     Orin Pearson's 

2)12/6/94 Goldendale     Stuart Johnston      Heard where 10 starlings were feeding 
                                              on crab apples
3)12/96  Goldendale      Randall McKinney     Flock of 50, in late Dec. 1996 or 
                                              first days of 1997    

Black-throated Blue Warbler

1)9/19/98 Alder Creek    Stuart Johnston      One male, north east of Bickleton 
                                              riparian area, east side of road

Palm Warbler

1) 10/21/06 S. Prairie Rd Stuart Johnston     One found at 14:20  foraging on the ground and in little oaks 
High Prairie area off Centerville Hwy        at the roadside and on a low log fence on e. side of the road 0.75 mi. 
                                             southeast from Centerville Hwy (and 0.25 mi. s. of the jct S. Prairie Rd. and High Meadow Dr.). 
                                             a few tan buildings (house/s, a shed?) with red metal and tile roofs just n. of the spot where 
                                             the Palm Warbler was found. It was associating with a small flock of W. Bluebirds and an 
                                             Audubon's Warbler; wags it's tail continually.

American Redstart

1) June, 2000  Trout Lake     Stuart Johnston      One female

2) 6/16/02 Trout Lake  Stuart Johnston   north side of Trout Lake marsh, 
                        Bob Hansen       1 adult male, 1 adult female, 
                                         1 first spring male
3)6/03  Trout Lake Paul Moyer     At least 3 pair seen during June, 2003 on various
                   and others     occassions.


1) 6/16/02 Trout Lake   Stuart Johnston  1/4 mile north of Highway 23 intersection
                        Bob Hansen       with Mt Adams Rec. Highway. Bird sang
                                         a series of "teacher" nine times over 1 hour
                                         period. Stuart had a 1 minute sighting of the
                                         bird after crawling on hands and knees through
                                         thick forest vegetation.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

1)6/16/85-Trout Lake     T. Schooley          One HY male, photo/video tape,  
  6/20/85                                     Washington Birds, Vol. 5, Dec. 1996       

American Tree Sparrow

1)11/3/95 Crofton Prairie Stuart Johnston     One just west of Mill Creek (east of 
                                              Harris Road, south of highway 142)  

2)12/1/96 Hoctor Road    Stuart Johnston      One at 1.9 miles east of junction with   
                                              Fenton Lane

3)1/3/98  No. 12 Road      Bonnie and      Observed 2/14/98 by Stuart Johnston  
                          Dennis White    in willows at Swale Creek  tributary crossing 
                                          with No. 12 Road. White observation part of 
                                          ColumbiaHills-Klickitat Valley Christmas Bird Count

4)1/10/04 Bingen Pond Stuart Johnston 

5)3/07   Goldendale  Dan Lichtenwald    Seen over a period of time in March, 2007, near back 
                                       bird feeder.      

Clay-colored Sparrow

1)9/11/99                Stuart Johnston         

Swamp Sparrow

1)10/7/94 Glenwood Hwy   Stuart Johnston     One at Outlet Creek beaver ponds,  
                                             north side of highway, 5 miles east 

2)1/24/96 Bingen Pond    Stuart Johnston       One

3) 11/29/00 Bingen Pond Wilson Cady

4) 1/1/02  Bingen Pond    Stuart Johnston     One seen in northeast corner of pond area   
                           Jill Barker       Part of Hood River Christmas Bird Count, 
                                                 Previously seen in December.

White-throated Sparrow 

1)9/24/95                Stuart Johnston

2)1/30/96                Stuart Johnston 

3)11/24/98  Goldendale   Dan Lichtenwald       One, on patio, under feeders next 
                                               to Dan Lichtenwald home in Goldendale, 
                                               along with 30-40 House Finches, 20-25  
                                               Pine Siskins, etc

4)3/21/99  Maryhill      Wilson Cady           Observed by many participants on  
           State Park                          Washington Ethnological Society field  
                                               trip lead by Wilson Cady.

5)5/14/99- White Salmon  Paul Moyer            Seen ground feeding on five occassions
  4/11/99  residential                         during this period at 477 NE Academy 
           area                                Street

Harris Sparrow

1)10/24/95  Co. Road    Stuart Johnston        Balch Creek crossing

2)12/15/96  Hoctor Rd   Stuart Johnston        <1/4 mile east of junction with Fenton 

3)6/2/99                Stuart Johnston

4)12/31/00  Bingen Pond Stuart Johnston       Two observed together as part of Hood River 
                        Bob Hansen            CBC. Seen on north side of pond area 
                        Genevieve Scholl      adjacent to gravel road. Note black spot on cheek
                                              of bird photographed by Bob Hansen.
5)2/1/01 Bingen Pond Wilson Cady  

Lapland Longspur

1)1934-44  Trout Lake   Orin Pearson's        Trout Lake and vicinity listing
2)9/23/98 High Prairie Stuart Johnson         Farm field along Schilling Road  

3)9.28.02 Roosevelt     Bill Tweit      

Snow Bunting

1)11/14/95 Stacker      Stuart Johnston           Two flying west to east over Stacker            
            Butte      David P. Anderson       Butte, calling

1)6/19/07 Old Hwy 8  Nancy Wallwork     Male, an all black body with white scapulars and white rump patches. The light buffy colored 
    between SR 14 and Dot Road         patch on the back of the head and nape area was very visible as the bird flew across the road 
                                       in front of our vehicle and slightly away from us before diving into the grasses along the road 
                                       just on the other side of a fence.
Tricolored Blackbird  

1) 5/12/01  Sand Ridge  Stuart Johnston        One with several Brewers Blackbirds, in southwest
           and Hale Roads                            portion of intersection, about 20' from road, adjacent
                                                              wheat field. Besides white wing bar, red was purer
                                                              red than found in Red-winged Blackbird. 
Rusty Blackbird

1)9/25/98  Bingen Pond  Stuart Johnston       One     

Gray-crowned Rosy Finch 

1) 6 December 1990  SR14  Mike & MerryLynn Denny  150+ along rock faces.  This flock of Rosy Finches
              at M.P.120                 circled around our heads twice no more than 8'-10' above us as 
                                                we pished. These birds were in one flock and very cohesive.   

2) 10/21/06 Hoctor Road Dan Lichtenwald Four on downgrade of Hoctor Rd., about half way between upper Hoctor 
                                      turn to the south and junction of Old Hwy 8/Goodnoe Sta/Chamberlain Goodnoe Rds

Common Redpoll

1)         Trout Lake   Orin Pearson      

2)11/20/99 The Dalles   Wilson Cady           One in a flock of several hundred  
           Mt. Road                                        American Goldfinches near the second to 
                                                                  last old homestead going up The Dalles  
                                                                 Mountain Road 

3)11/22/01 Bingen Pond Stuart Johnston     Two eating tansy seed with flock of American Goldfinch
                                                                Nine observed 11/23/01 by Roger and Diane Gadway 
                                                                Four observed 11/24/01 by Bob Hansen and Stuart Johnston
                                                                at Bingen Pond.  Images by Bob Hansen left side and front left

4)12/16/01  Silva Cutoff                             Dan Lichtenwald  15 on west side of intersection,
      and Appleton Road                                as part of Lyle Christmas Bird Count